Born in the streets of Stockholm in 2015 serving burritos out of a custom-built Peugeot Food truck, The Good Gringo is a hospitality company focused on sharing its love of San Francisco “MISSION” style burritos through neighborhood burrito joints.

The Good GRINGO!

Take an American, toss in a Swedish wife, sprinkle in a new born baby, his love for burritos, move him from New York City to Stockholm and BOOM!! You get The Good Gringo.


American burrito lover moves from New York City to Stockholm with his Swedish wife. Within a year of moving he purchases a 2015 Peugeot moving truck and converts it into a burrito-slinging machine, and starts sharing his love for burritos.

Kungsholmen - Scheelegatan, 28 Stockholm.

Phone: 0840800156

Vasastan - Kungstensgatan, 14 Stockholm. 

Phone 08408000185